What do day old lambs dream about?

lambTaking care of a day old lamb is a little like taking care of a human baby.  There are middle of the night feedings and a lot of “clean up” to attend to.  Despite the lack of sleep and mess I really enjoy raising the bottle lambs.  I much prefer if they can stay with their Mothers of course!  But when I need to play the role of Mother it is quite rewarding.

One of the joys it holding a young lamb while it sleeps and watching it dream.  Like a dog they are very active physically when they dream.  During some parts of their dreams it is obvious they are nursing as their lips move and their ears twitch.  At other times their legs stretch and their hooves extend and retract.  Are they running?  Playing?  Just laying in the sun?  I wonder what they are doing in their dream.  These dreams start very young – often before the lamb has been able to experience running, playing, and laying in the sun.  Are they dreaming from instinct?  How do these dreams originate in a being that has not yet experienced the activities in the dream?