Our Hawks and the Drought

I have been really worried about our neighbors the hawks during this drought.  The lack of rain means there is little food for rodents and birds and that in turn means little food for the hawks.  Recently they have been paying far too much attention to the chickens in my yard and it has me worried.  Hawks should be eating wild prey – not chicken.

For now we have been able to divert the hawk’s attention by shooting large numbers of ground squirrels for them to eat.  Ground squirrels are very destructive to crops, the land, and buildings.  Without normal rainfall (and the associated creek flooding) in recent years the ground squirrel population has exploded.  They need to be controlled and for us shooting is the most environmentally sensitive.  The side benefit to this approach is a banquet for our hawks.  It keeps them full and away from the chickens – a win-win.