Sparrow Hawks Successfully Nest

A pair of sparrow hawks live peacefully on our farm and I have enjoyed watching them as they hunt.  At first I worried about whether they would try for the chicks and poults that wander with their Mothers around the farm.  But I soon figured out the Momma hens could take care of themselves and their broods very well – and the sparrow hawks figured it out too.

IMGA0755For the past couple weeks I have seen the pair go in and out of a hole at the top of a utility pole on our property.  Then I started hearing sounds and realized they had a nest.  Soon a chick emerged fledged and ready for his first flight.

I did not get to see him take his first flight but saw him later that day on an almond tree a couple hundred yards away from the nest.  The resident bald eagle was hunting in the area and got chased off rather harshly by the male sparrow hawk.  Its pretty funny to see such a small bird harass and worry a large eagle.

I am keeping an eye out for the young hawk – I hope he makes it!