Good Rooster!

Saw something cute today.  The grapes on our front porch are forming but are not nearly ready.  That has not stopped the turkeys and chickens from eating them though!  Most of the low lying bunches are already gone but there are plenty just above turkey reach.  One of our young roosters figured out he could jump and grab a grape – and he was quite good at it.  But the cute part is that as soon as he had a grape he would call to one of the hens with chicks and hand her – beak to beak – the grape.  The hen then fed the grape to a chick.  This went on for a good 15 minutes.  When a rooster gives a worm or a choice morsel to a hen its usually in exchange for her “favors”.  But in this case there was no such quid pro quo.  Maybe he was earning brownie points for later.