Return of the Hawks

Much to my relief our resident hawks are back!  They must have had two babies this Spring and now the babies are flying and trying to catch everything on my ranch.  The turkey and chicken hens are escorting their broods around the farm and every once in a while a call goes out and the young birds scatter.  In a few seconds one of the “not so subtle” young hawks flies by screeching its disgust at our farm’s early warning system.  Just wait till they pounce on something on the ground – the turkey hens seem very much in the mood to give them a wallop.

At first I did not know if these two young hawks were related to our resident pair (whom I had not seen for a while).  But the other day I heard the turkey hens give a warning and I looked up expecting to see a miffed young hawk fly by – but none did.  With the turkey hens still calling their warning I scanned the skies and finally saw a small spec of an adult hawk way, way, way up in the air.  Since then I have seen the parents more often – all I have to do is follow the gaze of my turkey hens who seem to be able to spot satellites and sun spots.  Well, okay maybe not those but they sure can see a high flying hawk.  I think the parent hawks are “supervising” their youngster’s hunting forays.  Its kinda neat to watch.

The bald eagle has not been spotted for a week – but neither have the ospreys.  I think the eagle got his meal.