Ospreys 1: Bald Eagle 0

One evening at dusk I was walking through the alfalfa field to change the irrigation when I heard a strange noise.  It sounded like a cross between a frightened llama and a sheep baa.  I spent  several minutes scanning the almond orchard for what could possibly be making that sound.  All of a sudden a bald eagle flew out of the tree canopy and in a dodgy manner started flying toward our main barn.  In hot pursuit were two Osprey pestering the eagle the whole way.  I can only assume they have a nest and the eagle was trying to make a meal out of one of their chicks.  I hope he did not succeed.

I have seen the bald eagle everyday for almost a week now.  It has me a little worried as it definitely is big enough to take a chicken or turkey.  I am also worried about my hawks.  Over the past couple years the pair of resident hawks have chased off any bald eagle that has come by.  The hawks long ago gave up trying to take my chickens and instead stick to ground squirrel, gophers and moles.  It is a nice arrangement.  When we shoot squirrels we always leave them in places where the hawks will see them and get a free meal.  I have not seen the hawks for a while and I wonder if something happened to them or if they just moved to a new territory.  I hope they come back as they were a welcome part of this farm.