Great News About A Diabetic Friend

You probably already know about the escalating diabetes rate in the US and how this disease affects so many people’s lives.  For once there is good news to share – its about a diabetic co-worker of Jim’s and how he has gotten off all his diabetes medicine.

When Jim’s co-worker was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes he swore to his doctor he would get healthy and get off the meds.  The Doctor was skeptical but supported his approach of sensible excercise and good diet.  He gave up the junk food, processed food, and soda.  He ate more veggies, grass based meats, and whole grains.  His Doctor supervised his progress and tested for results and slowly started to wean him from the diabetes medicines.  A couple of weeks ago he stopped taking the last of the meds with his Doctor’s approval and all his lab work is within normal non-diabetic ranges.

He accomplished this simply with diet and excercise.  He still gets to eat good food like meat and eggs – just the right kind of meat and eggs.  He eats lots of veggies and most everything is home cooked.  He excercises regularly.  That’s it!  Is it a cure for diabetes?  No, of course not.  But is it an option that makes a whole lot more sense then heavy medications?  I sure think so.  Sure makes you think about the “real cost” of all that processed food out there in terms of people’s health and medical expenses.