Great neighbors in the Capay Valley

The Capay Valley is blessed with some wonderful people who are not only great farmers but also interesting people.  When I lived in the city I knew three of my neighbors – the ones on either side of me and the one across the street.  Yet within a half mile radius there were hundreds of homes.  My fault, I know, for not introducing myself to everyone but it did not even occur to me to do that.  Now that I live in this beautiful valley I know hundreds of people and it IS normal to introduce yourself and get to know your neighbors even if they live 10 miles away. 

The Capay Valley is very agriculturally oriented and the people who move here, for the most part, want to pursue some form of agriculture.  Their stories are fascinating and range from the Native American tribe whoe settled here long ago, to families who have been here since the Spanish land grants, to people who have moved here from cities and other lives with a dream of living with the land.  My good neighbors Tom and Pam are a great example and they allowed me to capture a small part of their story on video.