Latest food safety crisis – they were feeding the pigs what????

Like many Americans I was concerned about the recent pet food recall and the harm done to possibly a large number of pets.  But I was shocked and disgusted to later hear that poisons actually reached food animals.  In case you have not heard – it turns out that REJECT PET FOOD was fed to pigs and chickens in several states.  And not just any pigs and chickens but animals soley intended for human food. 

What are people thinking feeding REJECT pet food to pigs and chickens?  Are they crazy?  Do you want to eat an animal that ate something not suitable for your dog to eat?  Geez!

A lot of “light” is being shed by this event – such as the lax inspection of imported foods, the questionable ingredients in pet (and other) foods, and the feeding practices of commercial hog and chicken growers.  I just hope the reforms that should be put in place are and that they result in transparency for consumers to really understand what they are getting in their foods.