Walnut Harvest – An early Christmas for Turkeys

Walnut harvest is just wrapping up and the turkeys have discovered the joys of eating the leftover walnuts.  They venture deep into the orchard everyday to find nuts the tractor has run over.  And whenever a human goes into the orchard they are followed by at least 20 birds waiting for the nuts to be crushed underfoot.  They have even found the huller with its store of cracked nuts that fell out of the equipment.  They just LOVE the nuts and can eat and eat and eat.

With the change in weather we are finding the turkeys eat more nuts and grains and have less of an appetite for their natural turkey crumbles.  It might be because they are finished growing and are now putting on fat.  Or it could be that nuts just taste better!  But where I used to go through about 50lbs of turkey crumbles a day I am now just going through about 10 lbs.