Los tres pollo

We are down to three plus Carin – Carin continues to do very well with her “hen” Moms.  She is too heavy to fly but she does engage in all other normal chicken activities including rooting, digging, dust baths, and re-organizing all the equipment on my shelves. 

The other three cornish cross were ousted from their flight pen by the other chickens.  They were so slow and so docile that the other chicks their same age could eat their feathers (and a little flesh) without so much as a movement.  I was afraid I was going to lose them like Mongo so they are now in the front yard.  They run loose during the day with the puppies and turkeys and are in a secure pen at night.

At about 14 weeks these birds are VERY large and have outgrown their genetic capabilities.  They cannot fly or get any lift at all.  One of them can only hobble to food or water with a kind of stilted gait that reminds you of a pirate with a wooden leg.  But despite their physical limitations they enjoy things like dust baths and are having a good time in the front yard.  They are getting very tame though.  Jimmy has to watch out to make sure they don’t become pets.